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Dafine Engineering

”Center of Excellence” for wire harness testing

  • Subsidiary for Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy
  • Based in Tallinn, Estonia, 5 emploees
  • Founded 2009
  • Design and manufacture of test counterparts and complete test systems.
  • High expertise in production of demanding testing counterparts, eg. for engine harnesses
  • Main customers are in German automotive industry
  • Expanding to heavy vehicle sector
  • Continuos development of products with close customer and end user co-operation
  • Digital customer specific database for products and relevant documentation

Testing of wire harness

Today’s vehicles have numerous electrical devices and technological features. Therefore wire harnesses have become more complex with added electronics and increased number of connections. This may lead to possible sources of critical errors which are difficult and costly to find after installation.

Therefore zero-tolerance quality assurance system is the only long term solution to guarantee success in the wiring harness business.

In our view the key components to such system are the mechanical adapters for each connector. These “counter parts” or “adapters” are main focus of our R&D to ensure best knowledge of technology is used to provide error free testing and system longevity.

Testers and other elements are equally important but counterparts are key components of test interface – without them even the best electrical testers and software are useless.