Test adapters

Zero-tolerance quality assurance system is the only long term solution to guarantee success in the wiring harness business.

Testing Counterparts

Our basic design principles for test fixtures:

  • Counterpart does not damage the connector housing nor the contacts.
  • Counterpart is designed as small as possible.
  • Counterpart guides and aligns connector housing before it touches contact probes to avoid component damage.
  • Counterparts with pressure test are equipped with aluminium pressure chamber to ensure long service life.
  • All replaceable and adjustable parts are easily accessible for maintenance.
  • All probes are easily replaced (e.g. without soldering).
  • DIN916 set screws and DIN912 bolts with hex socket are used whenever possible for easy maintenance.

Counterparts Type C

  • Electrically controlled pneumatic locking mechanism for housing retention
  • Automatic release
  • POM plastic construction for low friction insertion of housings
  • High voltage versions available

Counterparts Type D

  • Zero force adapter where test probes are moved to contact position pneumatically
  • Avoids component damage
  • Reduces operator fatigue

Counterparts Type E

  • Push-back testing of terminals using 15N position sensitive probes
  • Compact design enables push-back counterparts to be as small as 50x50mm for flexible layouts

Most common detections in addition
to electrical contact test