We deliver best test counterparts to detect additional features by using various switch probes or sensors.


Housing locked in module/ presence

  • Inserted connector is made visible to tester via relay contact
  • Comes as standard to counterparts designed for WK260 or similar testers
Coding/keying detection with switch probe

  • Coding detection with switchprobe
  • Enables use of same counterpart for testing housings of certain product family with different coding keys
Secondary locking detection

  • Detection with switchprobe
  • Mechanical position assurance possible
  • Detection from side using pneumatic position sensitive probe or ball point probe
CPA (Connector position assurance) detection

  • Detection of presence of CPA with switchprobe
  • Presence and position verification from side using pneumatic probe (SLS) or ballpoint probe (SLB)
Bracket/Lever detection

  • Presence of plastic brackets and hooks that may easily break during handling
  • Presence and position of pivoting locking levers
Slider detection

  • Slider presence and position (open or closed)
  • Mechanical exclusion possible
Cover/ Strain relief detection

  • Housing cover presence with switchprobe
  • Cover orientation verification for omnidirectional components
Clip detection

  • Detection of holder clips and various harness retainers
  • Presence and position detection
  • Mechanical shape verification
Seal detection (pressure/vacuum test)

  • Counterparts are fitted with aluminium framework that closely follows connector seal contour
  • Presence and performance of seals and plugs is verified using pressure test (0,3 BAR)
  • Vacuum test optional